Funcafé helps to improve the quality of life of families in rural areas of Guatemala, to donate go to:Funcafé helps to improve the quality of life of families in rural areas of Guatemala, to donate go to:

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Annual Report 2021

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About us

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Funcafé is a non-profit,  private civil development organization, with legal personality, own assets and no political propouse.  It was founded in 1994 by visionary coffee growers. It is the institutionalized social arm of the Guatemalan coffee sector.

Funcafe works to improve the level of human development of the rural population, increasing coverage and quality in the social services of health, education, food security and nutrition for a more competitive economic activity.


  • Vision

    To promote human development in rural areas.

  • Mission

    Be the social branch of the Guatemalan coffee sector.

  • General Objective

    Help raise level and quality of life in rural areas.



Food Security and Nutrition

0 Families Supported
The objective of this pillar is to promote good practices in food and nutritional security in rural communities and implement productive activities to promote the production of healthy food for human consumption using local resources that will allow sustainability in the near future. Read More Donate now


0 Health Services
In order to increase quality and coverage, emphasising on preventive health care, 16 health centers were established carrying out 64.796 health services. Read More Donate Now


0 Students Supported
Funcafé´s education program allows upgrading skills for a productive life and education with equity, quality and relevance. Read More Donate Now


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